Video Games
These pages have some of the many video games to play when you're bored!

Miniclip Games is a great video game website! There are lots of categories of games like racing, shooting, puzzle games, strategy games, and much more! Check out my favorite miniclip games here.

Minecraft is a very fun and popular computer game! The goal of the game is to craft and mine, thus the name Minecraft. You can get this game for $26.95 at , also check out some cool videos on how to build things in Minecraft like houses, traps, and lots more Here!

Terraria is a fun game where you are always finding new, fun, and random things, like flying evil eyeballs, jetpacks, exsplosives, machine guns, maces, giant worms, and much more!!! On my page of Terraria I have videos like how to defeat bosses, how to set your spawn point, how to build a house, and lots more here! You can buy this game for $9.99 here Make your own website