Things to do with friends outdoors
This page is full of all kinds of things to do with friends outside.

1.Have races: Race against each other and see who is faster. Or time each other with a wrist watch or stop watch.
2.Climb trees: See who can get the highest. Or see who can climb to a certain spot the fastest.

Things to do at parks or on playsets
1.See who can go the highest on the swings.
2.Make wierd ways to go down the slide.
3.Find out who can go across the monkey bars the fastest.

Just plain fun
1.Make paper airplanes and see how good different kinds work.
2.Make a paper boat and see how long it floats.
3.Play spies and sneak around outside. [If you have walkie-talkies you can go different ways and tell each other what you see.]
4. Tie a rope to a tree and swing. [Make sure you make the knot to the tree really tight.]

At the pool
1.Make up wierd and cool jumps and dives.
2.See who can swim across the pool the fastest.
3.Find out who can hold there breath the longest.
4.Play "Marco Polo". Rules:
Amount of players: 2 and up
How to play: One person is it they shut there eyes and the other people try to not get tagged by him/her. If the person who is it says marco the others have to say polo. So the peson who is it has to listen for there voices to find them. Make your own website